Any space, retail or residential, office or organizational, can transform with String. From glass-faced cabinets and folding desks, to plastic hanging containers and slanted shoe shelves, to felted acoustic walls and clothes hanging racks, the wide-ranging variety of iterations this iconic system of design offers is endless.

And to think, it all started in Sweden with a bookshelf design competition in 1946, thankfully won by Nils Strinnings with an assist from his designer wife, Kajsa. Four year later, String shelves were installed in the new United Nations headquarters in New York. String is based on a ladder-like, coated-wire framework, lightweight, modular and redoubtably stable. It’s little trouble to transport, easy to reposition and easy to reposition.

Shop String 3 ways:

  • String Bundles: Preconfigured for any space
  • String Configurator: Customize a module (assistance available)
  • String Components: Add shelves, hooks or other items

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