Childhood memories of basking in a fire’s glow during long Swedish winters and blissful but brief summers led Louise Varre to found Eldvarm in 2015, with a focus on elevated fireplace accessories made by highly skilled craftsmen and little waste. The collection, designed by fellow Swede Emma Olbers, is made in European countries with long traditions in individual crafts. Leather is vegetable-tanned and certified organic in a century-and-a-half-old Swedish tannery. The 100% natural horsehair brushes are assembled in a third-generation family business in Nantes, France. And so on. All the materials are responsibly sourced, including the wood from sustainably managed forests in France (beech) and the United States (walnut).

For Louise, these timeless pieces are about an investment in the future. Produced, assembled and packaged with the goal of keeping an ecological footprint to the bare minimum, they are also build to last several lifetimes of use and take on the natural sheen and personal imprint and value that comes with age.