Got the Punt? The company’s name translates as “point,” representing the start of design for this modern Spanish design house. Designers Lola Castelló and Vicent Martínez pioneered the design scene in the beautiful seaside city of Valencia when they founded the brand in 1980. Five years later, Vicent debuted Literatura—a double-row, overlapping bookcase with the front component on wheels that, he observed, “was born to solve the problem of storing books.” More literature and other objects could be contained this way. The now-signature piece put the company on the global design map, acknowledges José Manuel, Punt’s current creative director.

Today, Punt’s collaborative roster includes studios in and outside Spain, among them Copenhagen’s Norm Architects, Paris-based Arik Levy, Barcenloa’s Estudio Manel Molina, London’s Terrence Woodgate, Berlin’s Stephanie Jasny, and Monica Armani from Trento, Italy. Each piece is carefully crafted down to the last impressive detail in Spain.