“We like to ask: Why isn’t this possible? Why doesn’t this exist?” says Christian Lo, who along with her design collaborating partner, David Ryan, founded Anony in 2015. The two met working for a large design firm and did double duty freelancing on the side. Once on their own, they focused on installations for designers and architects. But within the year, a residential line rolled out, collecting critical acclaim and awards along the way.

The Canadian studio has continued to push those questions, fashioning works that are as progressive in looks as they are in the technological realization—and at pricing that is accessible. Modular components and use adaptability also define many of the standouts in the line. Among them is the Highwire, a tension and weighted balance of illuminating disks that is as artful as it is functional. Or consider the Wisp “chandelier,” which seems to float in mid-air, the brightness controlled by touch.

Mindful manufacturing, much of it local, are also priorities. "We have a hands-on approach with prototyping. We don’t like to go straight to production—we want to make sure we create good quality products that are really well thought-out." Anony is as independent-minded as we are at A+R, and we are thrilled to be one of a select few retailers to exclusively showcase the brand.